Feb 13 - Citizens journalism

Extending your blog skills: commenting, link equity, search engine optimization (SEO)


Cassie + Bridget > http://mccd.udc.es/orihuela/epic/

By Friday February 7, 2007:

  • create your blog at http://blogger.com
  • write your 1st post - a couple of paragraphs introducing your blog to the world - indicate the themes, topics, debates you will be dealing with
  • email me your blog URL

By Tuesday February 13, 2007:

  • your 2nd post - this is your first "real" post after the intro
  • you should have commented on at least 1 of your classmates blogs (I'll email you a list of their URLs)


Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents (read online) or download: PDF version

Besieged Lebanese turn to Internet by Zeina Karam

In the Midst of War, Bloggers Are Talking by Sarah Ellison