Class schedule and notes

Class notes, links and resources.

Feb 01 - Introduction - First Memory

FEB 01: 01 - introduction - First Memory

  • introduction, syllabus, etc
  • review/intro to GarageBand
  • in class exercise - share first memories with your partner


places to download sound effects and loops:

Feb 08 - Re-Thinking Narrative

Feb 08: 02 - Re-Thinking Narrative

  • discussion about narrative forms
  • continue with GarageBand, digitizing, effects, enhancing audio quality
  • critique ‚Äúretell‚Äù assignment

Weekend by Walter Ruttmann


‚Äì ‚ÄúChapter 2: The Vocabulary of Comics" from Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

"retell" ‚Äì In class you will partner with a classmate and share your first distinct memory. Using the GarageBand software "retell" the story in a 1-3 minute audio piece. Your project should be based on this memory, but you are not required to retell the story exactly as it was told to you - you have creative license to embellish, exagerate, extrapolate, interpolate the story to generate a compelling narrative. That said, you should try to respect the original story (and the person who told it) so as not to misrepresent them.

Feb 22 - Flash - Setting the Stage

FEB 22: 03 - Flash - Setting the Stage

  • tour of the Flash authoring environment
  • using text - static, broken, dynamic
  • the Stage - movie properties


Dub Revolution

Remix History

"BBBB remix" - appropriate, reuse, and transform. Using the audio files provided generate a 1-3 minute story. You can only use material from George Bush, Barack Obama, Borat, or Beck. You must use material from at least 2 of these people. Files are located in Public in a folder called COMM325_Files. Please turn in a typed transcript of the completed piece.