project : Pursuit of Happiness : Porta-Sky
date : Jan 17 - Feb 3, 2002
location :
Aidekman Art Centerin Medford, MA

description :
"Porta-Sky" is an urban sanctuary and think tank for two. Periodic trips into the dark relaxation chambers of movie theaters became a routine survival technique for the subjects of modern society. In our post-modern world, where work and leisure have collapsed, the Internet has become a space of convergence. "Porta-Sky" is a physical corollary – a non-space, a hallway from here to there. Providing a personal view of a virtual sky, this video projection space offers alternate imagery to an anxiety-ridden sky.

"Pursuit of Happiness" was an 8-month collaborative process exploring the nature of happiness. Five artists developed modular nomadic units as potential sites for the production and consumption of happiness.

The "Porta-Sky" unit features dual, synchronized DVD video projections, a deployable surveillance blimp and custom designed form-fitting reclining seats.




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