Data Visualization

Nov 9 2009

Joshua Callaghan - Global Tobacco ConsumptionJoshua Callaghan - Global Tobacco Consumption


Data Sculptures - Joshua Callaghan

Chris Jordan - Packing PeanutsChris Jordan - Packing Peanuts

Visualizing Consumption - Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan at TED

Hans Rosling at TED
Hans Rosling at the State Department

Ben Fry - Medical Data for GE

Music Visualization

They Rule - tool that let's us visualize the interconnectedness of board members of major corporations and institutions

Digg Visualizer - real-time visual browser for Digg's news service

Akamai Internet Traffic

NY Times Immigration Explorer

Presidential election results maps
2008 Presidential Election
2004 Presidential Election

Baby Name Tool - compare trends in baby naming

Harvesting human emotions - blog visualizer