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Jon Stewart on Crossfire

Jon Stewart Crossfire transcript

YouTube Debates

Macintosh Commercial ReMix

Original Apple Commerical Introducing the Macintosh computer in 1984

“Anti-Hillary” commercial produced by the Obama campaign
Published March 2007

Video by Astrubal critiquing the 20 year rule of Tunisian president Ben Ali
Published February 29th 2004.

Barack Obama's Speech on Race

Historic Antecedents to Obama's Speech on Race
Obama Speech at The Huffington Post

Links + Terms

Center for Deliberative Democracy

Meet Ups

Viral Marketing
Use of social networks to achieve brand/meme awareness through self-replicating processes.

Smart Mobs
A form of self-structuring social organization via technology-mediated, intelligent emergent behavior.

Tipping Point
The threshold at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable.
Malcolm Gladwell

DIY Spin
Providing bloggers with tool kits of talking points, link bait, etc to attempt to shape the meaning of events in an advantageous direction

Link Bait
Content or features of a website specifically designed to encourage bloggers/publishers to link to it from other websites. An important tool in viral marketing.