My American Idol Political Barometer

Oct 29 2008

David A. didn't win!!!

I'd like to propose a new hypothesis of American political sentiment: As American Idol goes, so goes electoral politics.

Last spring I became completely addicted to American Idol. I'd never watched it before, but quickly found myself consumed with season 7. Heading into the final episode I was convinced that David Cook was the best candidate, but I was sure that David Archuleta was going to win. Despite David C's brilliant performances, I thought that America would be blinded by David A's unbearable cuteness. I was happily surprised when David Cook prevailed. For the first time in awhile I felt that maybe I wasn't living in a bubble, separated from mainstream America. I know, I know - maybe American Idol isn't the best place to look for solidarity. But I've been carrying a genuine feeling of estrangement ever since the American people voted GW into office for his 2nd term.

Now with a week to go in the 2008 presidential election, and still running high on David Cook's surprise victory, I'm hoping against hope that I don't have to shave my head again!

While I thoroughly enjoyed season 7, when the show concluded I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be watching again. But if Obama wins next week you can be sure that I'll be tuning in for season 11!!!