Participatory Media


What are some precedents of interactions and participation since the 1960s. How do artists use blogs, wikis and other social software? What makes an artistic blog successful? When does a blog become art? What are effecive ways in which cultural producers use blogs as portfolio? How can filmmakers make use of video blogs as documentation, artwork, and discursive collaborative site? How do you critically assess Nicolas Bouriaud's notion of relational aesthetics?


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Bloggin as Curating
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howard reingold interview
seti at home

Participatory Media include (but aren't limited to) blogs, wikis, RSS, tagging and social bookmarking, music-photo-video sharing, mashups, podcasts, and videoblogs. These distinctly different media share three common, interrelated characteristics:

  • Many-to-many media now make it possible for every person connected to the network to broadcast and receive text, images, audio, video, software, data, discussions, transactions, computations, tags, or links to and from every other person. The asymmetry between broadcaster and audience that was dictated by the structure of pre-digital technologies dictated has changed radically. This is a technical-structural characteristic.
  • Participatory media are social media whose value and power derives from the active participation of many people. This is a psychological and social characteristic.
  • Social networks amplified by information and communication networks enable broader, faster, and lower cost coordination of activities. This is an economic and political characteristic.

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