Right Question Project

Oct 6 2008

I thought I'd pause my Palin attacks for a moment to plug a non-partisan issue - voter turnout. Well, of course its highly partisan in practice, but from a standpoint of civic engagement, the more people that vote, the healthier our democracy is.

I've been helping The Right Question Project with an online marketing campaign for their voter participation initiative.

The Right Question Project is running a campaign called "Voter Engagement Strategy for Election Day and Beyond" to reach low-income potential voters enrolled in adult education and literacy programs in New Mexico, Missouri, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and several other states. By teaching lifelong skills for focusing on decisions and asking questions, the Right Question Project's (RQP) nonpartisan strategy results in more motivated voters and more informed voters.

RQP has a sharply focused strategy to help more citizens:

  • Ask good questions
  • Focus on key decisions
  • Expect accountable decision-making from all public officials and
  • Vote for the first time in their lives

You can help!!!

You can get involved!!!