Design for the Other 90%

Sep 19 2007

Q DrumQ Drum

A last minute plug for an exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum. Design for the Other 90% is up until September 23, 2007. The exhibit displays design endeavors aimed at creating cost-effective ways to increase access to food and water, energy, education, healthcare, revenue-generating activities, and affordable transportation for under-served populations around the globe. One of my favorites is the Q Drum picture above, which eases the burden of hauling water over long distances.

You can also catch an exhibit of the lighting design of Ingo Maurer - very cool stuff!

thanks for this link, mo. i

thanks for this link, mo. i liked the Q-drum too, simple is always best! also the pot-in-pot storage method & esp the solar powered charger for hearing aid batteries! do you know about Kiva? check it out:
c u soon!

Thanks for link

Thanks for link ( - looks like an interesting Microcredit project. Have you provided loans through this site? What was your experience like?

I made 4 loans ($25 each - 1

I made 4 loans ($25 each - 1 for each newman sister) & i regularly get updates on how the loanees are doing as they make repayments. when their loan is repaid, I reinvest in another small business. i usually look for the very smallest, & run by a woman if possible. you can send emails & possibly communicate, but i haven't done that. i love the idea that my measly 25 bucks is the investment that can help a small business survive.