SEP 06: 01 - introduction - First Memory

  • introduction, syllabus, etc
  • review/intro to GarageBand
  • in class exercise - share first memories with your partner

SEP 13: 02 - Setting the Stage

  • tour of the Flash authoring environment
  • using text - static, broken, dynamic
  • the Stage - movie properties

- "Chapter 2: The Vocabulary of Comics" from Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

"retell" - In class you will partner with a classmate and share your first distinct memory. Using GarageBand, "retell" their story in a 1-2 minute audio piece. Your project should be based on this memory, but you are not required to retell the story exactly as it was told to you - you have creative license to embellish, exaggerate, extrapolate, interpolate the story to generate a compelling narrative. That said, you should try to respect the original story (and the person who told it) so as not to misrepresent them. Turn in an MP3 with filename like "retell_your_last_name.mp3" (retell_schwartz.mp3)

SEP 20: 03 - drawing a Tween - remix culture

  • The Timeline - layers, framerate, keyframes
  • Shapes - properties, grouping, ungrouping breaking apart
  • Tweens - shape, motion [position, scale, color, alpha]

- "Chapter 4: Time Frames" from Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

"t e x t" - assignment description will be handed out in class

SEP 27: 04 - creating a Mask - Thinking about Time

  • importing artwork from illustrator/photoshop
  • creating masks
  • using motion paths and guides

- "Generation Flash" by Lev Manovich

"Little Black Boxes" - assignment description will be handed out in class

OCT 04: 05 - incorporating Sound

  • Finding sounds online
  • Importing sound, recording sound in the classroom
  • Event sound, streaming sound

"Banner Ad Jam" - assignment description will be handed out in class

OCT 11: 06 - animation Tricks

  • Animation techniques: easing, blur, gravity
  • Working with MovieClips

"My Life" - Animate your life story in 30 seconds or less (bunnies optional). Have a storyboard and at least 10 seconds of animation.

OCT 18: 07 - the Loop - Generation Flash

  • nested MovieClips
  • making animated loops
  • programming loops

"My Life, take 2" - final draft of My Life.

OCT 25: 08 - make it Interactive

  • Creating buttons
  • Using Behaviors
  • Using ActionScript

DUE: How-To script/storyboard
Have a sitemap and at least 2 of the 5 scenes.

NOV 01: 09 - make it even more Interactive

  • Approaches to navigation
  • ActionScript

DUE: How-To first draft

NOV 08: 10 - incorporating video

  • encoding flash video files
  • controlling video with behaviors.
  • Introduce final project

"How To": With a partner, develop an interactive Flash movie that illustrates/teaches your audience how to do something. This could be anything from how to make a PB&J sandwich to how to knit to how to make a Flash movie. It must have at least 5 different scenes; at least 1 voiceover and it must utilize buttons for your audience to interact with.

NOV 15: 11 - Individual Meetings

  • Work on final project

Final project proposal:
* project description (include any relevant background info)
* discuss your intended audience
* discuss your visual/aesthetic strategy
* discuss at least 3 URLs of other projects/websites relevant to your project
* Sitemap or Storyboard as appropriate


NOV 29: 12 - Individual Meetings

  • Work on final project

DEC 06: 13 - Open Lab

  • Work on Final Projects

DEC 13: 14 - Final Class

  • In class critique of final projects and wrap-up