Class 06 - HTML - False Identity

Assignment: False Identity
Develop a false or fictional identity to be included on an online dating service. Create an online presence/profile for this identity in the form of a web site (3 page minimum). Your web site should use only "shared" or found images and should incorporate links to external sites.

In Sherry Turkle's chapter "Identity Crisis" she discusses how the ability for people to easily create multiple online personae challenges our notion of fixed identities. In the past, a strong identity was associated with stability and clear boundaries. But Turkle argues that in today's world, this concept is being replaced by a notion that celebrates flexibility and mutability. She suggests that the "home page" is a compelling manifestation of "new notions of identity as multiple yet coherent". When working on this assignment, consider your own online identity. What are the freedoms and risks associated with your online life? Are there things that are safer and easier to explore online rather than in RL [real life]?

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