Week 1: September 13 - introduction - Setting the Stage

  • introduction, syllabus, etc
  • tour of the Flash authoring environment, vector graphics
  • using text - static, broken, dynamic
  • the Stage - movie properties
  • frame-by-frame animation


Week 2: September 20 -

  • drawing tools, shapes, strokes, fills, grouping
  • shape tweens and shape hints

* Singing Horses

- "Chapter 2: The Vocabulary of Comics" from Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

"t e x t" - choose a word and illustrate either its mood or tone or meaning in a frame-by-frame animation. You may only use the one word - no other words are allowed. You may use other shapes. Your animation should be sized to 550x400, 12 frames per second and EXACTLY 60 frames in duration.

Week 3: September 27 - drawing a Tween - remix culture

  • The Timeline - layers, framerate, keyframes
  • Motion Tweens - shape, motion [position, scale, color, alpha]
  • Using Symbols

"morph-olution" - Create an animation that explores the notion of evolution in at least 5 stages. The project should incorporate at least 2 shape tweens that utilize shape hints. The final result should be a "perfect loop" - it should end exactly where it began. Your animation should be sized to 550x400, 24 frames per second and 10 seconds in duration.

Week 4: October 4 - creating a Mask - Thinking about Time

  • importing artwork from illustrator/photoshop
  • creating masks
  • using motion paths and guides

"crowded" - Create an animation of a walking crowd of people. Your animation should use MovieClips and MotionTweens.

October 11 - NO CLASS - Columbus Day

Week 5: October 18 - incorporating Sound

"Banner Ad Jam" Think about the ad banners on websites as public spaces similar to billboards, posters, signs & other advertisements. Plan & design a 468x60 (24 fps) Ad Banner in flash that utilizes images and text and incorporates a corporate logo. The banner can advertise your love for something or someone, can express a political message, can be humorous - keep in mind that this is meant to be presented in a public places. You should be able to make the argument that your piece is an example of Culture jamming.

Week 6: October 25 - animation Tricks

  • Animation techniques: easing, blur, gravity
  • Working with MovieClips - nesting and animated loops

"My Life" - Animate your life story in 30 seconds or less (bunnies optional). Your flash movie should be 640x480 at 24 fps. - 1st draft should include your soundtrack/voice over and approximately 10 seconds of completed animation (This will be graded)

Week 7: November 1 - the Loop - Generation Flash

  • Creating buttons
  • Using Behaviors
  • Using ActionScript

"My Life" - final draft of My Life.

Week 8: November 8 - make it Interactive

  • ActionScript - data types and variables
  • Functions and events
  • Input/dynamic text

DUE: How-To script/storyboard
Have a sitemap and at least 2 of the 5 scenes.

Week 9: November 15 - make it even more Interactive

  • Approaches to navigation
  • ActionScript - reusable functions


DUE: How-To first draft

Week 10: November 22 - incorporating video

  • encoding flash video files
  • controlling video with behaviors.
  • Introduce final project


"How To": With a partner, develop an interactive Flash movie that illustrates/teaches your audience how to do something. This could be anything from how to make a PB&J sandwich to how to knit to how to make a Flash movie. It must have at least 5 different scenes; at least 1 voiceover and it must utilize buttons for your audience to interact with.

Week 11: November 29 - Individual Meetings

  • ActionScript lesson
  • Work on final project

Final project proposal:
* project description (include any relevant background info)
* discuss your intended audience
* discuss your visual/aesthetic strategy
* discuss at least 3 URLs of other projects/websites relevant to your project
* Sitemap or Storyboard as appropriate

Week 12: December 6 - Individual Meetings

  • ActionScript lesson
  • Work on final project

Week 13: December 13 - Open Lab

  • Work on Final Projects

Week 14: December 20 - Final Class

  • In class critique of final projects and wrap-up