Morgan Library and NYPL

Sep 10 2009

And so begins our semester-long exploration of New York City. Nearly every week my section of Communications Today will be visiting museums, libraries and various other cultural institutions of NYC. You can follow their adventures, reactions, responses, likes, dislikes, stories and celebrity sightings here.

Field trip #1:

Go to both of the following locations by the next class session and post a field trip report. Leave your 250 word response in the comments below:

  • The Morgan Library & Museum
    225 Madison Avenue at 36th Street - $8.00 student admission
    Be sure to see the main room of the original library (and try to figure out where the hidden stair case is) and examine closely the special exhibit, “Pages of Gold: Medieval Illuminations from the Morgan.” This exhibit is open only until Sept. 13 so you’ll have to get their asap.
  • The New York Public Library
    Fifth Avenue and 42nd. Street – free
    Be sure to visit the periodical room, the map room and the circulation rooms on the top floor. Take a good look at the murals in the hallway on the top floor and be prepared to discuss the meanings of the images on the ceilings and walls. Very important - find Winnie the Pooh!!

Facade of the Morgan LibraryFacade of the Morgan Library

Today I ventured to the

Today I ventured to the Morgan Library & Museum and New York Public Library, being a former employee of my hometowns library, I definitely went dragging my feet thinking what more do I need to know? But once I arrived to the Morgan Library & Museum and New York Library I was excited because it felt more like a scavenger hunt than an assignment. I found the Morgan Library very interesting because with just one glance at the ceiling my notebook was full of notes. His taste drew a lot of inspiration from Greek/Roman mythology with depictions of God's, Goddesses and astrological signs. The ceiling also depicted the categories of books which ranged from comedy to tragedy and poetry to architecture. I tried to look for the hidden staircase on my own but after a while I finally broke down and asked one of the museum guides and he directed to me to a tiny corner, which upon entering is on your direct left. The NYC public library was a bit confusing at first, It was filled with people certain on where they were going and me trying to figure out how to get to each room listed. Each room made me feel uncomfortable since everyone was so focused on what they were doing whether it was reading or writing. But my favorite part of the NYC library definitely was the Winnie the Pooh exhibit, amidst of all these children's books and chaos was a small room and within that room was Winnie the Pooh and his friends in the stuffed-flesh contained in a small glass case, such a simple looking set of "toys" became one of the worlds most legendary, lovable and bankable characters in literary history!
-Herbert Duran

Despite the unsavory weather,

Despite the unsavory weather, I decided to go to the New York Public Library and the Morgan Library today. I have to admit that I had ulterior motives behind my desire to visit the library, seeing as the Public Library is located in Bryant Park and I not-so-secretly wanted to check out the first day of Fashion Week. (I also prayed that I would catch a glimpse of IMG model Ryan Taylor; sadly this did not happen.) I've been to the Public Library before, so I was only mildly put off by the austere feeling of the place as I shuffled on in my wet flip flops, doing my best not to offend the people working. As I walked, I was desperately trying to remember the names of the two lions in the front, which is a popular trivia question, but my brain failed me. I hate asking strangers questions so I looked it up on my blackberry: Patience and Fortitude, how cheesy. I stopped to pay a visit to the Winnie the Pooh characters, which I had also seen as a child, and I noted that the years have not been so kind to Piglet.

My trip to the Morgan Library was a bit trickier, as I had never been there before and there were no models to be seen. The modern architecture is interesting, especially since it's surrounded by more traditional buildings and stands out like a sore thumb. Still reluctant to ask for help after a scarring run-in with a subway attendant the other day, Google told me the secret staircase was located in the West room. It was slightly exciting looking at a place I had never seen, and I enjoyed myself overall - I just wish the weather had been a bit nicer.

In the past two days I

In the past two days I visited the New York Public Library and The Morgan Library and Museum. I have been to the NY Public Library numerous times, so this trip did not thrill me. I have always loved the traditional architecture of the building as well as the paintings scattered throughout, including the ceiling. Although I did find it interesting to watch tourists as they ventured around looking at all the different arts of this historical building. What I like about NYPL is that there are many branches, which was explained in a section on the second floor, including my personal favorite the Performing Arts Library. I enjoyed the Winnie the Pooh the most of my trip; it was in such an amiable setting and just put a smile on my face as well as everyone I saw.
The Morgan Library and Museum intrigued me because I had never actually been inside it before. Like Herbert I found the Greek/Roman inspiration such an amazing thing to look at. I’m sure that watching me stare at the ceiling was interesting to the guards around. I found the Pages of Gold exhibit to be such a beautiful piece of history, especially knowing that they were made to be pages of a book. Mr. Morgan’s library and study were probably the most intriguing to me. The detail involved in each page was astounding. The décor and feel of these rooms was soothing. The collection of books was also remarkable; these books were also interesting too look at the intricate bindings and writing used. The entire museum to me was astounding. I can’t believe that it was my first visit, it will definitely not my last.
-Meghan Rose Murphy

The word “grand” can only

The word “grand” can only begin to describe the original library at the Morgan Library and Museum. The room was wrapped in tiers of shelves containing thousands of books that had not been touched in ages. I was in the library for five minutes simply admiring the contents of the room, including the Gutenberg Bible, before I even looked up at the ceiling, which was painted beautifully with roman gods and goddesses. I eventually found the hidden staircase in Morgan’s Study, an equally “grand” looking room with red velvet curtains and red satin wallpaper. The “Pages of Gold” exhibit was beautiful and the paintings were indeed “illuminated” with accents of gold and bright colors.

Upon entering the New York Public Library, I was swallowed into the seemingly ten story high walls and endless corridors that stood before me. I wandered into the Periodical Room which was silent except for the occasional flip of a page or click of an extendable pen. I admired the architecture of the Map Room, with a ceiling of golden vines, golden fruit, and the occasional golden cherub. In the circulation rooms, there were books on every wall. It was a diverse rainbow of bound pages, each containing billions of words and sentences. As I ventured to the basement, I was suddenly face to face with one of the most important public figures in history - Winnie the Pooh. I was instantly taken back to my childhood bedtime stories, curled up next to my mom, only to dream of further adventures with Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear. It was a pleasant feeling, and just for a moment, I was five years old again.
-Casey Allard

My adventures to the New York

My adventures to the New York Public Library and the Morgan Museum were interesting to say the least. The hard part was arriving at the sites itself, due the horrid weather and crowded subway carts. But, I eventually made it, and it was definitely worth the bad weather and even worse commute. The library offered a brief glimpse into New York's history. The murals around the Periodical room displayed New York's melting pot of culture even in the early twentieth century. The architecture of the room also displayed some of the New York's history, with its engraved ten foot ceilings and high archways, the architecture brought me back to New York during the eighteenth century. The map room also has a historical vibe, housing maps from as early as the 1500's. The carved ceilings also added to the affect of the libraries historical turn. The murals around the library offer viewers with the chance to visualize stories they had only read about. Everything from creation myths to bible stories are each illustrated within the building. However, i could not find Winnie the Pooh!
The Morgan Museum proved to be equally as exciting! The original library housed some of the best published works in the world. Also, it was interesting to see that even Bob Dylan has made it into the Morgan Library! The "Pages of Gold" exhibition also proved to be a wonderful look back at history. The exhibition is home to many paintings, illuminated by gold, which depict different religious scenes. It was interesting to view the painting styles of artists all over Europe, around virtually the same time period. The contrast between the paintings offers a multi-view of similar religions depicted through the eyes of a wide array of artists. Each countries section told a different story behind the creation of these illuminating subjects.

Even though I was abruptly

Even though I was abruptly stopped during my visits of the Morgan Library and Museum and the New York Public Library to go stalk celebrities at fashion week, I was able to complete both tasks and take in a lot more then I expected. At the Morgan I most enjoyed visiting Mr. Morgan's library and study. The architecture in the room was very cool and all the different levels of books. I chatted with a security guard who told me that there once was a staircase in there to get to each level but is now hidden somewhere. I also found it very interesting in the study that there was a copy of the Guttenberg Bible and learned that the Morgan is the only institution to posses three copies of it. I later found another copy of the Guttenberg bible in the Bill Blass Catalog Room at the NY Public Library. The Pages of Gold exhibit was also fascinating. I didn't realize at first that the whole exhibit was based upon the cutting of manuscripts which many people thought to be vandalism. It was also very neat to see vellum cuttings from the Sistine Chapel. Now over to the New York Public Library. Whoever designed the building must have really enjoyed confusing people. It's very overwhelming to see the size of this place. I really enjoyed the murals on the top floor. They all showed the transformation of writing and communication through the press throughout time. It reminded me of being on Spaceship Earth at Disney World. The other murals showed big printing landmarks throughout New York. I ended the visit with a trip down to the children section although it took me a while to realize that there was a floor bellow the main level. Seeing all the original character stuffed animals from Winnie the Pooh brought me back to my childhood. It was a great way to end my day.
-Bridgette Faupel

My roommate surprised me with

My roommate surprised me with a beautiful journal to document my adventures in the big apple. I have to admit; I did not anticipate my “class trips” to be the first stories to occupy the lines in my journal. Never the less, they have and I am pleased with the outcome. It was mid-morning, and frankly I don’t know why I chose to walk to thirty sixth, and not take the train, as my yoga class this morning was intense! Anyway, I found myself wandering into a stone building titled “Morgan Library and Museum.” I have to say, Morgan, your parents named you after a pretty cool place! I began my visit in the “Pages of Gold: Medieval Illuminations Exhibit.” They were not joking when they said gold! My eyes were overwhelmed with the beautiful depictions of religious scenes. I found it fascinating that although each country used the same color schemes, the particular pictures were very different and had various feelings attached to them. I loved the Spanish section the most, as the designs felt warm and welcoming. I then had the same security guard, who yelled at me for texting in the exhibit point me in the direction of the Morgan Study and Library. (Don’t worry guys, I was texting for the benefit of this class…I was creating a lot of media!) Morgan was a collector of art, and that was relevant in his study. The theme, like everything else in the building was of course…religious. Not to say I did not appreciate the art, but the architecture of the room was what really impressed me. I read that this study was, “…described in 1912 as the most beautiful room in America.” I am privileged to have had a chance to explore it. I crossed the hall, and I found myself in a place I don’t often visit, the Library! I walked around the room, and admired the beautiful artwork on the spines of the book. I pretended I was in the Harry Potter movie and I was in Dumbledore’s office. (Don’t worry friends, that was only a joke.) Morgan’s book collection defiantly, gave my jewelry collection a run for its money! The murals were “heavenly” –pun intended, as there were scenes from heaven on the ceiling. Finally, as I was leaving the room I read a quote in reference to the Guttenberg Bible that Morgan possessed, this bible represented, a “fine and large example of a book that inaugurated a new era in the history of visual communications.” At that point I began to understand why you sent us there! I continued my journey uptown and found myself on the best avenue in the whole city, fifth…obviously! I scurried into the New York City Public library, and my ears were immediately filled with accents and many languages. This Library is a tourist attraction, filled with culture and history. I went to all the destinations recommended. First, I visited the periodical room, which at the time was being used by students, who were looking for old journal and newspaper references. I continued on and slipped in my rain boots down countless hallways, and ended up in the map room. There I saw giant globes, and maps of anything and everything I could ever imagine needing. At this point I was truly exhausted (remember, the yoga class) so I took the elevator up to the third floor, sat down on a bench…next to a cute guy might I add, and stared at the ceiling! The ceiling and walls were covered in “media.” Media being consumed, and media being produced. I gathered my belongings and took the elevator down to the Winnie the Pooh exhibit. The exhibit was inspirational to me. I was impressed with the imagination AA. Miline had, in order to create such wonderful stories, based off of such monochromatic colored stuffed animals. The day left me feeling filled with knowledge, and like the others, my inner child was most certainly awakened.

xoxo, you know you love me
Pam Kirsch <3

The first thing that came to

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard New York City Public Library was the movie The Day After Tomorrow when all the water is tearing through the street heading right toward the front door, so when I got to the front steps i looked don the street and played the movie in my head. I have to admit I liked the Morgan Museum and Library a lot more than the NYCPL, but I still found some things interesting. I went straight up the 3rd floor skipping the elevator to get the feel of the building by walking up the marble steps. I noticed that all of the murals on the walls and ceiling had the same theme of media and written word. It went through a time line in a way showing the importance of the written word and how it has been in everyone's everyday life for a long time. The periodical room was a very peaceful place where I could see myself studying effectively. I thought the building paintings on the walls were interesting to look at because it kind of gave you a feel of what early New York City looked like. Unfortunately the map room was closed today, so I headed down to the children's section in search for Winnie the Pooh and found him! Looking at the original characters from the Hundred Acre Woods really brought me back to my childhood when I read the books and watched the movies. I live right in front of a forest and when I was younger I would bring my Eeyore stuffed animal (he's my favorite) and my brother would bring Tigger and we would play out the movie we just watched. The last and most disappointing part of my entire trip to the public library was the circulation rooms. The building was so ugly in comparison to the original library and I didn't get any intellectual feeling as I did before. I can't wait to go on our next trip!



OFF TO SEE THE MUSEUM! Okay. So I've only been to this museum once in my life although I am a New Yorker. I am so ashamed to say that I actually got lost, but that's the not the point. The point actually is never in my life did I see so much gold! I almost believed I was a queen for a few minutes. My friend from Budapest told me she went to see the exhibit because there was a portrait based on Hungarian saints. So I visited the museum today for about 20 to 30 minutes and came to the portrait "Scenes from a Life of Christ". It was from the Hungarian Anjou Legendary. I actually found that image a lot more appealing than the other ones I saw. There was just something about it that caught my eye. I found that the depth of color. It was just richer. I had a sudden urge to touch the portrait, but I figured I get in trouble so I just didn't touch it and made way to the New York Public Library. I've been to this library so many times that I figured I want all the time to really focus on it like I never have before. So, my library expedition continues tomorrow!

I’m a little embarrassed to

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I've lived in New York my whole life and never have been inside either of these buildings. The New York Public Library was exactly what I'd expected it to be. I went straight to the top floor and noticed right away the beautiful artwork that decorated the walls and ceiling. Each room that I ventured in to I was immediately uncomfortable. Everyone seemed hard at work either reading a newspaper or studying a huge laminated map. I was extremely curious to find the Winnie the Pooh. I knew I wouldn't find it on the top floor so I quickly ran downstairs to the children's library. I expected to see a huge obnoxious stuffed bear, instead I was pleasantly surprised to see the original stuffed animals. All the characters were there and as I read the sign I was shocked to learn how old the characters really were. Nonetheless they were still amazing to see.

I was extremely pleased as well with the artwork found in the exhibition "Pages of Gold". My favorite was the series of pictures about Job. I loved the way it told the story so well. Another pleasant surprise was seeing the book of Canterbury Tales. I read this last year in my English class so I have a little background as to what the book is about. I saw the picture of all the characters and it was fun to name each of them from the Wife of Baths to the black Knight. I didn't realize that the original library of the Morgan Library was so beautiful. I instantly felt like I walked through a time machine. It was easy to find the hidden staircase because one of the security guards told me as soon as I entered. I suppose he recognized I was looking for something. Overall these two trips were very enjoyable. I'm relieved that out of all the years living in New York I can at least say I've been to these places at least once.

-Kimberly Durand

After lunch downtown with a

After lunch downtown with a friend I was sitting on the 6th train, excitedly awaiting the moment in which i would collapse on my bed and take a nap. As the train stopped at Grand Central I reminded myself that the New York Public Library was just across the street and the Morgan Library was not too far either, and I owed both a visit. It was not until I stepped into the Main Reading Room did I stop pouting over skipping my nap. Being from the Midwest I am used to generic corporate looking libraries. I was amazed by the books lining the walls, the rows of occupied wooden tables, and the intricate detail of the ceiling. Seeing the bear that inspired the stories of Winnie Pooh was interesting, but I really enjoyed seeing the Map Division and looking through original designs of the manhattan city planning. The Genealogy section was interesting and made me realize that I know little information of my family's origins and past.
While exploring I did became frustrated by all the mysterious rooms and doors locked or containing signs reading "staff only." Also, every time I walked into a different section, the stares from the employees made me feel unwelcome at times. At the Morgan Library, I felt the same frustration of being limited when I found out that I could walk the secret staircase.
Even though the New York Public Library is very beautiful, I found the Morgan Library to be much more enjoyable with its small size, café's, galleries, courtyard, and the old studies. The medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, "Pages of Gold," were so vivid with all the complex painting. The design of the Morgan study was by far my favorite part of the two libraries. I never realized how much I enjoyed being in a quiet library. I wanted to grab a book from off a shelf, curl up on some old couch in Pierpont Morgan's study, read, and nap.


My trip to the museum was a

My trip to the museum was a long one, seeing that I had to go to go pick up a friend, who is an art major, so I figured she’d get a thrill out of seeing the old artwork. I didn’t know the history behind all the artwork, but I did get a lot of information about different brush strokes and color usage while walking around with my friend. I was more impressed with the "Pages of Gold," because it was really made of Gold! I appreciated how well the old artwork was maintained. I’ve been to several museums around Asia, where there are several old paintings that are fading and I wonder how many more years they will last. My favorite part of the Morgan Museum was the Guttenberg Bibles because of my AP European History Class. My teacher always talked about the importance of the printing press. I didn’t think much of the Guttenberg Bibles when I was in school; it was just another topic in class. It took a while for me to put it together, but the Bibles are a representation of Religious media. Although the media was more for religious purposes and enabling the common man to have access to religious writing to in order to judge and follow religion the way they read/perceive it, it was a catalyst for media. Even before walking into the New York Public Library, similarly to others in class, my attention was drawn to the architecture. As you walk to the library, there are apartment buildings everywhere, and then you get to the library which just stands out because of its beautiful architecture, and makes you appreciate it more. Seeing Winnie the Pooh was by far was my favorite part. It’s always an amazing feeling when you get to see something that was a big part of your childhood. I don’t know when I last saw Winnie the Pooh. For some reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about where I had seen the library before. I knew it was in a movie with books flying around. So, I did a little research. I was right. A movie was filmed there. And the movie was…Ghostbusters.

I had the pleasure in

I had the pleasure in visiting New York’s land marks such the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the famous Brooklyn Bridge. I now can add to my list New York’s own public library located on 42nd & Fifth Avenue. My first exhibit that I had the pleasure in observing was the children’s section of the library. Usually I do not visit this part of the library unless I have my niece or nephew with me. Before I discovered the children’s room I ask the librarian were can I find Winnie the Pooh I soon found out that I would have the please in meeting Mr. Pooh himself and the gang. Once I placed my eyes on the majestic stuff animal, I instantly got chills. It was like this simple thing was more. After I spent some time with Pooh and the gang I continued my journey through out the library, the next room I came across was the map room. At first I saw nothing special about this room until I looked at the ceiling. Dark wood with fine painted gold, craved in loins and fruits and other things as well. I wound never have expected in finding a ceiling like the one I saw in a public library. I gathered myself and proceeded to the periodical room where I observed painting of a much calmer New York. The time of painting made New York look like the suburbs of my home town. I made my way from one room to the next. My finally room of the day was located at the top floor; the top hallway laid huge murals, from Moses to a picture of the first writing press. My favorite was the Moses mural because I love anything from the bible, especially if I know the story well

When I was first informed

When I was first informed that I would be required to go to the Morgan Library & Museum I was confused: what in the world does this old library have to do with communications today? But once I set foot into this breath taking library it all came together for me. This is media at it’s’ core. Books and news papers were peoples’ first source of information. I guess I had forgotten about this old form of media because I am so used to simply going online to find out what is happening in the world. I was very intrigued by the captivating ceilings and the raw beauty of the ancient books that Morgan's Library held. I must admit that I did not look very hard for the secret staircase before asking for help from one of the employees. I was also astounded by this secret staircase because I had always seen secret staircases in movies but I never knew they actually existed in real life!

The New York Public Library was my favorite of the two Libraries. The aspect that I enjoyed most about The New York Public Library was the details in the walls and doorways. I had no idea that a library could look so glamorous. Growing up in a society where computers and technology run the world, you could say I was blown away by how much time and effort was put into making a library look so beautiful. I have found that my generation has given up on books due to the convenience of the internet. I was very pleased to see that although we have been given so many luxuries involving media, people still take the time to appreciate books. -Allison

After lunch at New York’s

After lunch at New York’s famous hotdog stand, I took a stroll down Fifth Avenue; continuing my lonely field trip to the Morgan library and Museum. As a new resident to the big apple I stayed in my new habits of becoming lost. As I was walking I found the museum after I walk up and down onside of the blocks before locking to the other side to see clearly the museum. I guess you can say I had my blond moment. After I paid for my admission I went straight to the library, so I thought. The first room I originally went to was the livening room of Mr. Morgan. I asked the employee were can I find the library along with the secret stair case? He asks me to wait for his break so he could show me around and then ask me for my number. I said no to both of his questions and decided to look on my own. The dam library was right across the livening room. Noted a lesson learned. Truthfully, I do not know much about Mr. Morgan but I sensed that he was a man that treasure the past. I spent about an hour in this room until asking a female employee were could I find the hidden door. And I walked pass it about ten times. Once I was done with my business, I walked to the next room on my list. The golden pages were the best thing I saw by far. The pages were real gold! The room took my breath away. I really did enjoy the stories about Jesus life, especially the ones with images of his childhood.

Walking down 36th street from

Walking down 36th street from the east side and coming upon the majestic old building of the Morgan Library and Museum on my right i was instantly captivated the the architecture and history of the building by just looking at it. Being the flake I am, I tried getting into the library first by going through the old entrance until one of the security guards yelled at me and told me where to actually go. Once in the correct area of the building I first went to the main room of the original building. The breathtaking work that had been out into building that main entry way of the main building was unlike anything I had expected to find in New York City. I felt as though I had been in Italy glancing at some divine building near the Vatican. The library and study of the Morgan Library were incredible. The collection of Bibles in the library made me trace back to my days in catechism class and a plethora of biblical stories traced through my mind. Stories that stayed with me also when I went to study the "Pages of Gold" exhibit.
The "Pages of Gold" exhibit was instantly captivating. The amount of detail put into each of these little pictures were stunning. I found it interesting how even though it was a collection from different artists from different countries, each story portrayed through the pictures were very identical. The differences in the color schemes in the pictures were interesting as well. I found i was most attracted to the ones from Italy because of the many bright red, gold, and blue colors opposed to the ones from France which expressed a darker feeling, in my opinion. However, in each picture, Jesus looked the same no matter what stage of his life was being shown. In each picture, he had the same wound markings in the same places I was taught he had in catechism class. The exhibit was very beautiful. I could have stayed in the museum for hours but after watching the biography of Morgan in the theater, I realized the museum was closing.
The New York Public Library was much different. It was everything I had intended it to be, beautiful, with a noble and intellectual feeling, everything I aspire to be but struggle with because I am a bit flaky. Granted it was grand in every way with the copious amounts of books and endless bulk of fine artwork, I found I enjoyed the small original Library in the Morgan Museum more entertaining to me due to the history of it. And the history of the man who helped create a lot of the financial existence of America so it seems from watching the documentary of his life.
I am thrilled to announce that the trips were the first of many new adventures I am excited to take on in this wonderful city.

-Garrett Keefe

I started my field trip at

I started my field trip at the Morgan public library, a place that I have never been, and it was quite an impressive place. I began by going Mr. Morgan’s study, which was a very impressive room. It had that feel of older times and the colors in the room, especially the reds, really struck me. Mr. Morgan did have several paintings of himself and his relatives, which is a tad vain, but I simply ignored that considering the room was designed during a much different era. The thing that was interesting about the study was the religious artwork on the walls. Almost all the paintings were in some way inspired by religious symbols. I then went to the Main room of the old library where I overhead a guard point out where the three hidden staircases were, which I guess was cheating. But when I looked at the books I saw that a lot of them were Bibles or other religious texts. The religious them continued when I looked at all the tapestries on the walls. And of course the Pages of Gold exhibit featured Illuminated texts from around the world which were all religious in nature.
At the New York Public Library however, religious symbols weren’t as easy to come by. Not that there were none mind you, one of the murals in the main hall contains Moses himself smashing the golden tablets. The other Murals were quite interesting as well, them seemed to each depict people using the written word for different reasons. Weather it was historians recording history as it happened, or early printers working through problems, or newspaper men, or people simply enjoying reading under a tree. And of course it was always nice to visti my old friend Winnie the Pooh in the children’s room.

Field Trip! Admittedly, when

Field Trip! Admittedly, when I began my grand crusade across Manhattan to find these two buildings, I had no idea what to expect. Being from a reasonably small university town, we had the local library (which in retrospect is about the same size in area as my dorm suite at the 55th residence hall), and the University of Connecticut library, which was considerably larger in size but much more exclusive in that you had to go about getting a student ID through the University System to get in.

So, first I went to the Morgan Public, so as to be able to see the Illuminated Manuscripts display. We had studied these pieces of art for a brief time during both my junior and senior years of high school in relation to whatever it was we were reading at the time, and it interested me then, so it was a really fantastic experience to number one, see the actual pieces that close to me, and number two, know that something I did in high school was being referenced in college. I found my mind wandering as I looked into the exhibit more what the collaborative efforts must have been like for artist and writer, or writer's representative, depending on the situation, and depending on the piece of art. The building had such an interesting architectural history and fused new and old in such a way that it could be celebrated from both ends, which I thought was an impressive achievement architecturally at least. I looked around for the hidden staircase....but considering the fact that my vision is absolutely terrible and I was a bit preoccupied with the manuscripts, I did not find it.

Today I finished the 2nd part of my journey, to the New York Public Library. I was most excited to see the two iconic lions Patience and Fortitude named by La Guardia, I believe, but was disappointed to discover that maintenance to the outside of the building would cloud my experience to some degree. So, slightly saddened, I entered the library...which, as I assumed it would be...was absolutely massive compared to anything I had ever seen before as far as libraries go. I soon found myself forgetting mostly about the lion statue disappointment and moving through the rooms mentioned on our syllabus with great interest. The reading room was intense, even dizzying to some degree. The murals were gorgeously done and added a certain antiquity to the environment which maybe would make one want to study there and feel smart doing it. The periodical room was intense, so many shelves, so much material to catalogue and go through. I found it appropriate that the art in the room and on the walls would include so much focus on architectural elements, being that it seemed to reflect on the intensity and strictness with which the materials are filed and cared for.

The best part of the entire trip...I must say...was finding Winnie the Pooh...the legitimate Winnie the Pooh. The A A Milne Winne the Pooh. The one which flooded my childhood and caused my father to re-create the hundred acre wood on a 10 by 10 piece of green indoor outdoor carpeting in the living room of our first house. I knew they existed...but seeing them in their original glory made me feel a little better about what Disney seems to have done with them in the passed years. I was disappointed at the absence of piglet, though. But it was amazing to see my wee friends again and to go on that adventure away from the studious atmosphere of the other library sections.

After visiting the Morgan

After visiting the Morgan Library and Museum I wondered why I had never been there before, with the amazing architecture and interesting exhibits. The “Pages of Gold” exhibit took me by surprise; for some reason I believed “pages of gold” was figurative and the exhibit would comprise of original manuscripts for timeless books. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to find works of art on actual pages of gold. Looking at that pages in order of time revealed that details and embellishments intensified as time went on as did the size and grandeur of the pages. In the later years the pages were no long gold leaflet but regular parchment with gold painted accents.
The main room of the original library was a work of art, when you see the ceiling you see all the sighs and gasps from viewers before you. Just thinking about all of the detail and craftsmanship that went into all of the ceilings in the original library make my body ache knowing how much time was spent making them extraordinary. The original Morgan Library is a piece of art in itself with the bookshelves, glass doors, and levels upon levels of antique books and manuscripts.
The Public Library was amazing as always, and after looking through all he assigned rooms and artworks I found a surprising treat; although the murals, periodical room, and reading rooms were amazing in themselves I found my favorite work of art to be the Water Nymph statue outside the Catalog Room. She was a graceful statue in an alcove by the stairs and it amazed me that passer-bys would not even give her a second glance.
Winnie-the-Pooh of course was a treat bringing back memories of childhood games and story times. And the children’s reading room was a treat as well seeing all the cut outs of the characters from my past.

I was excited to visit the

I was excited to visit the famous New York City library because despite all of the time I have spent in New York City I have never been to this historical landmark. I felt like a complete tourist when I became excited to see the lions Patience and Fortitude. Then continued to feel like one as I insisted that my roommate take pictures of us in front of the lions. I was disappointed by all of the construction going taking place on the side of the library, I felt that it took away from the experience as a whole. Stepping inside the library felt like stepping into a different time period. The building itself seemed to be filled with wisdom. The architecture was amazing. My roommate and I spent over half an hour admiring the murals in the main hall. The detail of the work amazed me. I was particularly in awe of the intricate carvings on the pillars and ceilings of the museum. As we continued to explore the immense building we quickly got lost in the maze of hallways and found ourselves running into one dead end after another. When we finally got our bearing we proceeded to the map room, which unfortunately was not open to the public at the time but we still got to peek inside. My favorite room was the periodical room. I stood fascinated for a full five minutes as I a watched a man scroll through scanned copies of a newspaper on a computer. The title read “New York Times 1932”. As I peered over his shoulder at the newspaper paper that had been printed decades before I was born, I couldn’t help but feel as if history itself was flashing before my eyes.
The only downside of our visit was that we were unable to find Winnie the Pooh. Except we did find a Winnie the Pooh book in the library gift shop. We were also unable to locate the hidden staircase at the Morgan Library. The exhibit at the Morgan library was beautiful, but I must admit that I enjoyed my visit to the New York Public library more.

Finding that Winnie The Pooh

Finding that Winnie The Pooh killed me. Then I had to call someone and ask where they found Winnie the Pooh. Of course, it would be in the kids room. Silly me. I was making a big ruckus so i was told to be quiet on several occasions. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the library for the most part. I havent gone to the library much, so when I go it is always a pleasure. The ceilings were blasting with methods of communication and media. I even observed someone reading one of those gossip magazines and I remembered out discussion in class on how people actually rely on the media for a sense of truth. Silly woman, not all gossip is true. I almost wanted to snatch the magazine out her hand and say "Lady, this is garbage. Why don't you read something like this?" At that moment, I would hand her a Winnie The Pooh book. In any event, it was was a joyous visit. I even checked a book out for my little sister.

When I found out we had to go

When I found out we had to go to these locations for class, I was excited. I have been completely deprived of seeing these places during the 12 years I’ve lived in New York. First up on my adventure was the New York Public Library. Right away, I was astounded by the beautiful architecture of the pillars and the lions, Patience and Fortitude. As I went inside, I looked up and continued to walk and look around. I was in awe. The first thing I noticed in the periodical room was the dark-brown wooded walls. Immediately I noticed how intricately detailed the walls and ceilings appeared. I completely fell in love with the antique chandeliers above me. I was interested in the detailed paintings of the different buildings of the city on the walls. Upon leaving the room, I felt like I was in a different place and era. As soon as I entered the library, its history was definitely evident. I have also never seen so many books in my life! The library back home in West Orange, NJ certainly doesn’t compare to the NYPL. Lastly, the artwork on the walls was just how I imagined it to be.
Since I went to the library on a Sunday, the map room was unfortunately closed. The circulation room, however was a vast and bright room with yet again beautiful chandeliers and a detailed ceiling. I was disappointed when I wasn’t able to find Winnie the Pooh. After my first adventure at the New York Public Library, I proceeded to the Morgan Library and Museum. I was curious to find out what that was like since I’ve never heard of it. First I noticed how modern the architecture was. Hoping that I’d get as much as I could out of the $8 I spent, I ventured to find the “Pages of Gold” exhibition. (Being an unemployed college student, I am very particular what I spend my money on.) I was impressed by the different countries represented with the various works of art. The religious content was apparent in some, especially one that depicted the crucifixion of Jesus, which was from Constance, Germany. Another from Milan, Italy illustrated Jesus being stoned by the Jews. After viewing all of the artwork, I later learned that the illuminated mixture paintings were originally designed as a book. Also, the scripts and typography served to educate the public. It made me realize how the different forms of media have changed and revolutionized over the countless years. When I was finished with my visit to The Morgan, I was disappointed that I couldn’t find the hidden staircase. Nevertheless, I was satisfied with both parts of my field trip.

I have lived in New Jersey

I have lived in New Jersey since 2003 and have been coming into the city religiously since then. Honestly I’ve barely been to any of the musuems, libraries, and other exhibits. Of course I know what the NYPL looks like since I have passed it multiple times, but never actually ventured in to see what it had in store. SInce I had a reason, I did not mind making my way into the library that has been around since the beginning of the 20th century, and is covered with murals of how literature has formed over the decades. The library is magnificent and to think of all the extraordinary people who have taken those steps that I took to go into the library, it made my mind go wild. The one room in the library that stole my eye the most would probably be the DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room, dedicated to the genius who created one of the most famous periodicals in America, Reader’s Digest. And all the money he made from creating this periodical he used for this very room, which is a beautiful thing. The Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division was also a really interesting place in the library. Here you can take maps from all over the world and choose vacation spots, or locate the plot of land that your house is on and see what was there before.

The Morgan Library and Musuem was pretty interesting as well, and had been around since around the same time as the NYSL. It was originally part of J.P. Morgan’s house, thus there are many hidden starcases and it has a home-like feel to it. The library had many books that were rare finds, such as the Guttenburg Bible. Also The Pages of Gold: Medieval Illuminations was a pretty interesting exhibit as well.

Overall both libraries were amazing, but I personally liked the NYSL more and was very angry with myself for not stepping inside before this blog had to be written.



Morgan Library & Museum - New

Morgan Library & Museum - New York Public Library

Coming from Greece as a transfer student to New York City it is not only an academic experience but also a very big cultural experience for me. Since I have studied Art History it is very exciting for me to visit the museums and see all the masterpieces.
I really enjoyed my visit to Morgan Library & Museum; moreover, I liked the fact that the visitors could watch a video about the history of Morgan and the museum. As everyone else, I went to the main room of the original library which I found astonishing, the dark rich colors captured my eyes, the ceiling was a real art piece, and what I found interesting was the interior design of the main room in terms of how the books were all placed. I tried to find the hidden stair case, but unfortunately I did not. I would imagine though that there might be a moving wall that hides the stair and that can lead you to the different upper levels of the library. Except the library, I also visited the other sections of the museum, plus the exhibition of the “Golden Pages”, which I have never seen before, art pieces a century ago before the High Renaissance, very interesting to see how they combined the gold and colors together and how well maintained they were. Most of the pieces had a religious theme, different parts of the life of Christ, and different Saints (Bartholomew, Christopher, Paul…).
I think the New York Public Library is a real asset for the city, very well organized, clean, huge collection of books and anything else a person would need to complete a research, and of course beautiful architecture. The images on the ceilings and walls very elegant and poetic, inspired from a different era. The images would present people in groups or by themselves, regular people reading books, or people how had some kind of power in the society also reading books or discussing, also a person who was reading a newspaper, and people in the ancient times caring marble plaques.
Both visits were worthy, and I really enjoyed both of them.

Better Late Than Never... I

Better Late Than Never…

I enjoyed visiting these Manhattan landmarks very much. The Morgan Library is beautiful. The contrast of old and new, dark and light, simple and ornate is quite interesting. The original library, study and entrance hall all exude old world grandeur and excess. It is truly a contemplative space, every inch filed with elaborate detail and meticulous art work. The hidden staircases at the two front ends of the room, although not completely obvious at first, are in fact, not so hidden, as they protrude from the corners. The stacks are filled with books mostly of religious nature, including several different copies of the Bible which again alludes to the overall tone of the space as a sort of temple. The foyer, or entrance hall, is gorgeous and lined entirely in marble and mosaic. However, there is a very “off-limits” and inaccessible quality to the ‘library’ which makes it less of a functional space

The New York Public Library’s main facility at 42nd Street and FIfth Avenue is also a beautiful and majestic structure. In contrast to the Morgan, however, it is a large functional organization which, while keeping a museum-like air, is actually accessible to patrons. There are endless rooms for exploration and an unmatched elegance, as far as libraries go and even among many New York City buildings. I, personally, enjoyed this visit more, mostly because I witness the set-up of one of the Fashion Week shows on the Ground Level floor near the Children’s Library. There were lights and sultry runway music, people milling around tying up loose ends—it was kind of exciting. Aside from that however, the Map room was very interesting; an endless archive of maps and pictorials from quite some time ago. I also loved the Winnie the Pooh display and enjoyed the story behind the antique playthings. All in all, the NYPL is a fantastic place and one that I feel is accessible and useful to persons like myself.