The Long Tail is a concept that has gained recent popularity due in large part to the book by Chris Anderson and is frequently used to explain the emergence of a variety of new business models and cultural trends.

In brief idea behind the "The Long Tail" is that ideas/products that historically were in low demand can collectively compete for market share with the "best sellers" or blockbusters. Because of the infinite shelf space and searchability of the internet, users and consumers can have access to even the most obscure and eclectic products and interests.

For your final project you will create a "niche" website about something you are passionate about. I challenge you to develop the narrowest idea/concept/interest you can come up with into a full fledged website. We will discuss this more in class and begin brainstorming ideas.

The website must be at least 10 pages long and should be built using HTML and CSS.

You make work alone or in groups of two.