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09/08 Tuesday

  • Introduction, course design, etc.

09/10 Thursday

  • FIELD TRIP – Go to both of the following locations by the next class session and post a field trip report.
    • The Morgan Library & Museum
      225 Madison Avenue at 36th Street - $8.00 student admission
      Be sure to see the main room of the original library (and try to figure out where the hidden stair case is) and examine closely the special exhibit, “Pages of Gold: Medieval Illuminations from the Morgan.” This exhibit is open only until Sept. 13 so you’ll have to get their asap.
    • The New York Public Library
      Fifth Avenue and 42nd. Street – free
      Be sure to visit the periodical room, the map room and the circulation rooms on the top floor. Take a good look at the murals in the hallway on the top floor and be prepared to discuss the meanings of the images on the ceilings and walls. Very important - find Winnie the Pooh!!

09/15 Tuesday

09/17 Thursday

  • FIELD TRIP New Museum
    Emory Douglas: Black Panther July 22, 2009 - October 18, 2009
    235 Bowery, just south of Houston Street – student admission $8.00

    Spend most of your time examining the exhibition on the second floor: “Emory Douglas: Black Panther.” Consider how the work being exhibited wan intended to achieve political objectives and social change. Are you familiar with any comparable publications today? What would be today’s equivalent to these publications?

09/22 Tuesday

  • topic: Advertising
  • discuss field trips
  • due: field trip post - New Museum
  • read for today:
    • "When Sex isn't Sexy" by the girls of 3iYing (Cat Small, Jane Mai, Evelyn Lieu Rachelle Bowers, Heidi Dangelmaier, Dianne Blanchard) [link]

09/24 Thursday

  • topic: Advertising
  • read for today:
    • "Truth in Advertising" by Leslie Savan DOC
    • "Antidotes 1-5" by Shenk DOC

09/29 Tuesday

10/01 Thursday

  • FIELD TRIP Brooklyn Museum
    200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn - $6 for students with ID
    Reflections on the Electric Mirror: New Feminist Video May 1, 2009–January 10, 2010

10/06 Tuesday

10/08 Thursday

10/13 Tuesday

  • topic: Photography
  • discuss field trips
  • due: field trip post
  • read for today:

10/15 Thursday

  • FIELD TRIP International Center for Photography
    1133 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave.) & 43rd Street – Students $8.00
    Dress Codes: The Third ICP Triennial of Photography and Video October 2, 2009–January 17, 2010

10/20 Tuesday

  • topic: Electronic Communication - Politics, Discuss 3rd essay assignment
  • discuss field trips
  • due: "Photography in My Life”
  • due: field trip post
  • read for today:

10/22 Thursday

10/27 Tuesday

  • topic: Electronic Communication - Social Media
  • read for today:

10/29 Thursday

11/03 Tuesday

  • topic: Electronic Communication - Attention Economy, Discuss oral report assignment
  • discuss field trips
  • due: field trip post
  • read for today:

11/05 Thursday

11/10 Tuesday


11/12 Thursday

11/17 Tuesday

  • topic: Television News Coverage, Discuss 4th essay assignment
  • discuss field trips
  • due: Oral Report Topic
  • due: field trip post
  • due: "Electronic Communication in My Life"
  • read for today:

11/19 Thursday

11/24 Tuesday

  • topic: The Future of Media
  • discuss field trips
  • due: field trip post
  • read for today:

11/26 Thursday

No Class, Thanksgiving

12/01 Tuesday

  • topic: Semester Recap
  • due: "The Television Interview"

12/03 Thursday

  • FIELD TRIP Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum
    91st Street and Fifth Avenue - $10 for students with ID
    Design for a Living World May 14, 2009–January 4, 2010
    Design USA: Contemporary Innovation October 16, 2009–April 4, 2010

12/08 Tuesday

  • due: field trip post
  • due: Oral reports – continue for following sessions.

12/10 Thursday

  • due: Oral reports

12/15 Tuesday


12/17 Thursday

  • due: Oral reports - LAST CLASS
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