Program DRAW

  1. Design a Drawing Application using User Stories
  2. Implement your Drawing Application in Processing
  3. You may work in pairs
  4. Save your program as yourLastName_draw and turn in your User Stories

Class notes

User Stories

Try to break up your project into specific user stories - you should have at least 2 (but more might be necessary). The idea is to think about your software design in terms of specific requirements and to create a user story about each one. These can simply be typed into a text document and included in your processing project folder.

here's the basic format:
1. statement in the form "As a [user role], I want to [goal], so I can [reason]."
2. brief discussion/explanation of the requirement (including a diagram/sketch if necessary)
3. confirmation - how will you know if the feature is working

for example
1. As a [user], I want to [press/release the mouse], so I can [start/stop drawing]
2. Discussion - the tool should only draw when the mouse button is pressed down, when the user releases the button, drawing should stop
3. Confirmation
1. success: user presses the mouse and drawing starts, user releases the mouse and drawing stops
2. failure: drawing continues if user is not pressing the mouse button

Sample Code

// set an image variable
PImage arrow;

// set a speed variable
float speed;

void setup() {
// set your display size(400,400);

// load the image
arrow = loadImage("arrow.png");


void draw() {
// draw with points
//point(mouseX, mouseY);

// calculate speed
speed = abs(mouseX-pmouseX);

// control the stroke weight strokeWeight(speed);

// draw with lines
//line(mouseX, mouseY,pmouseX,pmouseY);

// draw with an image