Sketch 02: 4 Types of Lines

note: - you may only use horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines

Part 1:

  1. Draw (on paper) a regular pattern with 10 lines of 1 type.
  2. Write pseudo code to instruct someone else on how to create this pattern
  3. Replicate someone else's drawing with a Processing sketch
  4. Save it as yourLastName_oneLine

Part 2:
1. Replicate your sketch from Part 1 but use a for structure to automate your code.
2. Save it as yourLastName_oneLineFor

If time permits:)

Part 3:

  1. Draw (on paper) a regular pattern that includes your pattern from Part 1 and incorporates another pattern using the other 3 line types.
  2. Write pseudo code
  3. Replicate your pattern with a Processsing sketch
  4. Save it as yourLastName_fourLinesFor