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Sony Flexible Display

May 26 2007

further proof the desktop is dead: Apple Computer becomes Apple

Jan 10 2007

The company formerly known as Apple Computer Inc is now simply Apple Inc. This was announced by Steve Jobs at the 2007 Macworld keynote address. He also unveiled the new iPhone, amongst other gadgets.

The phone itself is a kind of mashup of capabilities and in the spirit of Web 2.0 is evolving the smartphone into a new form of media platform (Hardware 2.0 ?). Like a software mashup, the phone combines a number relationships (Cingular, Google, Yahoo) and technologies (Multi-Touch Interaction, etc.) to provide multiple services (IMAP email, maps, directions, music and photos).

Apple's iPhone 2007

Apple's iPhone 2007

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the HP diet

Sep 28 2006

Who needs South Beach!?! Using HP's new "slimming" feature you can digitally trim of pounds of the people in your photos.

Not only does the demo depict only women, but the feature is bizarrely found under the "artistic filters" menu... black & white, slimming, sepia...

Analog Nokia Phone

Analog Nokia Phone