free hugs

Oct 17 2006

Where the Girls Aren't

Oct 9 2006

17 years after the Guerrilla Girls made this, Jerry Saltz tells us Where the Girls Aren't

Fat Celebrities

Oct 4 2006

After the HP slimming post a colleague informed me of the fat celebrities project over at ebaums world - basically the antimatter of digital slimming.

the HP diet

Sep 28 2006

Who needs South Beach!?! Using HP's new "slimming" feature you can digitally trim of pounds of the people in your photos.

Not only does the demo depict only women, but the feature is bizarrely found under the "artistic filters" menu... black & white, slimming, sepia...

How many Americans own passports?

Sep 26 2006

Here are a few links from around the web regarding our discussion last class in Communication and the Future about why so few US citizens have passports. Reasons for this are clearly complex and hard to analyze.

There are no clear stats as to how many passports are currently in circulation, but the government does release numbers as to how many are issued each year. This site has some interesting estimates and discussion. Some things are for sure: technologies and policies and privacy are changing.