Sep 07: 01 - introduction - Setting the Stage

  • tour of the Flash authoring environment
  • using text - static, broken, dynamic
  • the Stage - movie properties

- "Intro, Chapter 1" from No Logo by Naomi Klein

" t e x t " - Pick one word to use as your "raw material" - and create a short animation that incorporates broken text & static text. The animation should have a beginning, middle and an end.

Sep 14: 02 - drawing a Tween - Branding/Culture Jamming

  • The Timeline - layers, framerate, keyframes
  • Shapes - properties, grouping, ungrouping breaking apart
  • Tweens - shape, motion [position, scale, color, alpha]

- "Chapter 4: Time Frames" from Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

"Little Black Boxes" - assignment description will be handed out in class

Sep 21: 03 - creating a Mask - Thinking about Time

  • importing artwork from illustrator/photoshop
  • creating masks
  • using motion paths and guides

- "Mythinformation" from The Whale and the Reactor by Langdon Winner

"Ad Banner": Think about the ad banners on websites as public spaces similar to billboards, posters, signs & other advertisements. Plan & design a 468x60 Ad Banner in flash that utilizes images and text. The file size of your banner (the swf file) should be 32k or less. The banner can advertise your love for something or someone, can express a political message, can be humorous - keep in mind that this is meant to be presented in a public place.

Sep 28: 04 - playing with Sound

  • Finding sounds online
  • Importing sound, recording sound in the classroom
  • Event sound, streaming sound

"Little Black Boxes Redux" - assignment description will be handed out in class

Oct 05: 05 - animation Tricks

  • Animation techniques: easing, blur, gravity
  • Working with MovieClips

- "Generation Flash" by Lev Manovich

"My Life" - Animate your life story in 30 seconds or less (bunnies optional). For next week have a storyboard and at least 10 seconds of animation. [Final piece due in 2 weeks]

Oct 12: 06 - the Loop - Generation Flash

  • nested MovieClips
  • making animated loops
  • programming loops

continue working on "My Life"

Oct 19: 07 - make it Interactive

  • Creating buttons
  • Using Behaviors

- "Diary: Audience 1966" by John Cage

"How To": Develop an interactive Flash movie that illustrates/teaches your audience how to do something. This could be anything from how to make a PB&J sandwich to how to knit to how to make a Flash movie. It must have at least 5 different scenes; at least 1 voiceover and it must utilize buttons for your audience to interact with. For next week have a sitemap and at least 2 of the 5 scenes. [Final piece due in 2 weeks]

Oct 26: 08 - make it even more Interactive

  • Approaches to navigation

Continue working on "How To"

Nov 02: 09 - podcast 101 - part two

  • Planning
  • Field recording sound for digital media

In class we will identify 1 city block, which will provide the source material for everyone's podcast project. This week you should spend some time at the block: talk with people, walk around, and take some pictures. Prepare a script for next week.

Nov 09: 10 - podcast 101 - part two

  • Enhancing sound quality
  • Digitizing and editing sound for digital media
  • Incorporating artwork/visuals into the podcast

Podcast: record all of the audio for your podcast assignment
Final: create a one page proposal and flowchart/sitemap for your final project

Nov 16: 11 - podcast 101 - part three

  • In-class editing of the final podcast (bring headphones)
  • Workshop final project ideas

Podcast: polish it, make it shine
Final: rough draft of final project

Nov 30: 11 - TBA

  • tba

Dec 07: 12 Open Lab

  • Work on your final project in class

Dec 14: 14 - Final Class

  • In class critique of final projects and wrap-up