Interview Analysis

A 5-7 page analysis of the interview you've conducted. This interview will serve as one of the sources for your final paper and is a piece of original research conducted by YOU.

Structure - try to include the following elements

  1. A brief description of the research focus/question, the context in which the interview was conducted; and relevant biographical information about your participant and yourself.

  2. Type up a transcript of the interview. Make a careful reading of the transcript. What themes do you notice? How do sections of the interview relate (or not) to the themes, histories, or theories of your research topic? Does your respondent corroborate or dispute information you uncovered in the literature review? What new insights or angles where brought to light? Make your interpretation being sure to clarify through your analysis what you think you learned from the interview relative to your research focus.

  3. A reflexive statement - that is, your reflections on your experience in this exercise. Summarize what you have learned about yourself as a researcher. What has this method taught you, how you felt in the ‚Äúencounter‚Äù? What would you do differently if you were to do another ‚Äúinterview‚Äù? How did your interview meet or not meet your expectations?

  4. Include a copy of your interview questions and a transcript of your interview in the APPENDICES for the paper. this does not count towards your page count