Dec 04 - We the participants

Commercial ReMix

Original Apple Commerical Introducing the Macintosh computer in 1984

"Anti-Hillary" commercial produced by the Obama campaign
Published March 2007

Video by Astrubal critiquing the 20 year rule of Tunisian president Ben Ali
Published February 29th 2004.

Links for final project inspiration:
Dropping Knowledge

DUE: 4-5 page comparative essay

Compare and contrast your experience of writing an individual blog to that of co-authoring a wiki. Your essay should draw from class readings. Try to look critically at the output of both endeavors.

Some similarities and differences you might consider:

  • type of content generated
  • quality of the content
  • structure of the resulting document
  • freedom of expression
  • accountability
  • strengths and limitations of each
  • accessibility
  • interactivity, participation


We Media. Chapter 4: The rules of participation by Dan Gillmor