Class 02 - Setting the Stage

In Class:
+ critique “retell” assignment
+ tour of the Flash authoring environment
+ the Stage - movie properties
+ using text - static, broken, dynamic



‚Äì ‚ÄúChapter 2: The Vocabulary of Comics" from Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

"retell" ‚Äì In class you will partner with a classmate and share your first distinct memory. Using GarageBand, "retell" their story in a 1-2 minute audio piece. Your project should be based on this memory, but you are not required to retell the story exactly as it was told to you - you have creative license to embellish, exaggerate, extrapolate, interpolate the story to generate a compelling narrative. That said, you should try to respect the original story (and the person who told it) so as not to misrepresent them. Turn in an MP3 with filename like "retell_your_last_name.mp3" (retell_schwartz.mp3)