Class 04 - Peanut Butter and Culture Jam

In Class:

  • importing artwork from illustrator/photoshop
  • creating masks
  • using motion paths and guides

Culture Jamming


Black Boxes ‚Äì A ballet in 3 parts.

In this exercise you will experiment with changes in timing to suggest different emotional or physical effects.

  1. The Set: Create a document in Flash, 400 by 300 pixels, 24 fps.
  2. The Characters: Make three black squares, 80 x 80 pixels, 60% alpha. Convert each square to a symbol. Place each square on its own layer; place each square in the center of the screen.
  3. Three Acts : Produce three different parts/acts/phases that use time to convey distinctly different attitudes. In addition to changing the timing of the events, you can change alpha, tint, or the horizontal or vertical scale of the squares. Before you begin you might you may want to write up a brief ‚Äúback story‚Äù.
  4. The piece should be a perfect loop (it should end how it begins).

For example, a narrative:

Act 1 – the lovers meet
Act 2 – the betrayal
Act 3 ‚Äì reunited, happily ever after

or more abstract/emotional

Act 1 - frenetic
Act 2 - sad
Act 3 - calm

! no words/text allowed ‚Äì try to communicate everything visually and temporally

Turn in a .fla and a .swf file with the "assignment_lastname" convention (i.e. blackboxes_schwartz.fla).